What is Wise Empress?

What is Wise Empress?

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Growing up as an Army brat then living in a single parent home, I remember being the new kid on the block. I had to learn to sift quickly through the people that weren’t going to matter in a year or two and try to make quick bonding relationships that would last for a season. Through those relationships, I realized that encouragement was one of the most valuable things that kept me going. There were days that friends would come up and share an encouraging word or two that meant the world to me.

Wiseempress.com represents those days where an encouraging word sounds really good over a couple of words that can be seen in a book. Now, don’t misunderstand where reading a book has its empowering moments, but it cannot out beat a “good word” from a fellow human being. Wiseempress.com isn’t a forum to come and bash each other’s beliefs and/or lifestyles. Nor is Wiseempress.com a political arena where people can rally up a troop of supporters for one side of the fence or the other. There are too many other websites or forums for people to participate in that. This is a welcoming place to learn about good local spots, share wisdom, support one another, understand or at least try to understand one another, and did I mention learning from each other.

This forum is also a place to share business ins/outs or the do’s/don’ts in “Business Ins/Outs” page. My history of entrepreneurship consists of trying mostly all of the MLM ways to make money and directly owning my own business, only to find out that I’m not really a hustler. I remember being on a phone with some of the top agents in these MLM companies thinking “I don’t have the ‘oomph’ that they are saying we need. AND, I am too shy to want to go and find that ‘oomph’.” Wiseempress.com is a place where I would hope that people would like to share what they have succeeded in business and what hasn’t worked. I know that I can learn from the success and the learning moments.

Then, there are the “Eye Candy Wednesdays” and the “Recipe Thursdays” pages that I invite everyone to participate in. “Eye Candy Wednesdays” is a place where individuals can respectful posts pictures that are pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t always have to be a person. It can be a cookie, a sock, an inspirational picture, a beautiful flower, or anything else that fancies the eye. What “Eye Candy Wednesdays” are not: a place to degrade another human being by posting naked, half nude,or degrading pictures of another person, animal, or anything else that could be deemed offense. This website is rated in a way where anyone from a child sitting on a parent’s/family member’s lap to an individual that has seen a lot in their years on earth can look at the posts and not have to look away or cover the child’s eyes. Please I ask for the utmost respect from everyone. Anything that is posted that has any negative, derogatory, offensive, nude, crude, or just down right disrespectful form will be deleted and the agent will not be allowed to post again. Wiseempress.com encourages and enforces respect and will gladly and humbly return the favor.

Now, that we got that out of the way, “Recipe Thursdays” is place on the site where individuals can post recipes that they have tried, give reviews, and share the final results photo. I encourage people to find recipes on other websites, on napkins that someone gave you, books that were previously bought or inherited from someone, or created. Then, post these individual jewels of knowledge on Wiseempress.com on Thursdays. Why was Thursday chosen?  It was due to the fact that: Mondays seem to last forever, Tuesdays are Monday’s leftovers, Wednesdays are full of “eye candy,” Fridays are hopefully checking out the hot spots that was posted on “The Local’s Spot” page, Saturdays are the moments in time where everyone works to enjoy the day as much as deemed worthy, Sundays are hopefully resting days/preparation for Monday days/might still have to work this day/or whatever else Sunday can be named for you. Let’s see what else is in store…

On the “The Local’s Spot” page, Wiseempress.com invites everyone to post what is the best place to hang out, eat, play, hike, run, cycle, work out, or events that are coming up in their location. When one eats at a restaurant, post a picture of what was ordered from the menu and leave your honest and respectful opinion about the food, establishment, and service. I have been told plenty of places to go and eat and have forgotten what was recommended to try. Here on Wiseempress.com, it will be captured for all to enjoy.

Finally, Wiseempress.com invites you to visit, post, read, share, encourage, laugh, and/or whatever else you would like to do to enjoy with the hopes making this place another home away from home. Wiseempress.com wants to be your new “favorite” place on the internet to visit, besides all of the other social media websites. On Wiseempress.com, there is a place to create your own personalized account and connect with other members. Please feel free to wander around. “Mi casa es su casa!” Welcome home…

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