You Matter

You Matter

imageWhat is your race? What is your color? Where were you born? What is your sexual orientation?

Those are some of the questions that are filled out to identify you from another human being on job applications, visits to the dentist (my fav…), doctors visits, dating websites, and more. While your name is something that your parents or some identifying agent gave you, that does not make you you. You can be called all sorts of name in and out of the book, but it does not lessen your value at all.

As a woman in today’s society, there have been many coined terms that I have been associated with. As a black person, there have been many tags that I have been linked to. In all reality, I am still human just as any other person. Any of the questions that were asked in the beginning, any of the coined terms, or linked associations does not make me any different or lesser than/more of value than the richest person down to a person that is “down on their luck.”

We, as a human race, matter. You matter! Not where you were born, or what form of body you were born into. Your existence on this earth matters. Until, we, as a society see our own worth within ourselves, we will continuously brow beat another person in order for us to “feel” some sense of importance. You don’t have to compare your life to that of another’s. They are trying just to live life just as much as you are trying. Remember your worth! Remember that you matter! I need you, just as much as you need you. We are all in this world together trying to figure out why are we here. Let me give you a hint: It wasn’t to devalue yourself or anyone else around you.

So as you go through life and it’s many fascists, your worth is of no consequence to your intelligence nor how much money, bread, dough, change you have. You are still you. What defines and determines what you are is what YOU believe about yourself. Don’t let others tag you and think, “Well, I must be what they see in me.” No, buddy! We all exist equally. Let’s start to focus on our worth inwardly without devaluing anyone else, then everyone else will be of great value to each other. Also, you will start to realize just how much YOU really matter.

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